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D&B GROUP can get you the most amount of capital then any other lending source because we are a private bank and we have over 75 in-house lenders so we can fund a wide range of unique business deals and lend larger amounts of money. 

When we fund you, we make sure that it is the most amount of money, best term, best payback, and fixed rate that is going to help you produce immediate return . 

We are one of the largest funding groups because we have a diverse group of lenders whom fund businesses and projects in all industries.
If we cant get you the best possible deal no one can! We can fund all types of deals because we have over 75 in-house lenders. ​


"Funding is based solely on the business credit...So if you have good business credit...Your as good as funded"


-5 year term

-Monthly payments-first payment is not due for more than 1 month

-No confession of judgment required ever

-No personal guarantee needed

-No upfront fees or upfront costs ever

-Payments are fully TAX DEDUCTIBLE under the United States IRS code section 179, cutting costs to between 19%-24% peryear (notAPR)

-No pre-payment penalty if paid off early

-No personal credit check needed, only the business's validity and credit ratings with
Dun & Bradstreet and PayNet are used in underwriting

-The whole process takes 7-10 business days from start to finish

-This does not count as a cash advance position & will not interfere with renewing a cash advance or any consolidation or SBA loan. Zero dollar amount UCC filed

-No bank statements needed. Merchant only signs a simple electronic agreement once approved & a generic application to get approved

-Approvals are NEVER rescinded and are typically given within 1-2 business days


We have a network of equipment dealers (vendors), who provide substantial cash rebates back to business owners like you and they can use it for WORKING CAPITAL with No RESTRICTIONS on what they can do with the money.

Our vendors buy brand new overstocked business equipment, from other business equipement dealers at significantly discounted prices. This equipment is very difficult to sell and has been shelved for several months so ourvendors get great deals on it.

Our vendors then sell business owners like you the equipment at full market value and rebate back half of the sale price to you as an incentive for buying the equipment, much the same way as car manufacturers and dealers offer rebate incentives to vehicle buyers.

The equipment can be looked upon as simply a tool that is used to obtain WORKING CAPITAL, and the only obligation for you is to keep it at the business premises until paid off.


·4 Years in business

·No lawsuits on business

·No Judgements on business

·No bankruptcies

·No Tax liens over 10K that are
not on a payment plan

·No defaults

·Active business in good
standing with secretary of state

·Must have a commercial
location that can be found

·No home based businesses

"Funding is based solely on the business credit...So if you have good business credit...Your as good as funded"

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Heading 3

​​ Provided Collateral Funding

The bank alocates double the amount of funding needed to the client as collateral in form of a financial instument, which is backed by cash. The amount requested by the client is doubled to insure funding. In order to get the collateral the client must pay 3% of the total amount.

How this works:

1. The client provides us with a 2 page executive summary for review.

2. Once client is approved, the CIS will be sent out to be completed and returned with ID or Passport and Screenshot of funds (the 3% of collateral).

3. When all 3 documents are recieved contract is sent out to client. All bank details and terms will be outlined in contract.

4. Once contract is signed and returned, the client will then deposit the funds into an escrow, as stated in contract, then funds will be deposited into their account within 24-48 hours.



   The way this works is that the customer pays a small service fee (4%)
when using their credit card; which we use to cover all transaction and service costs. You the merchant will get the full transaction for every sale and at the end of the month there are no fees or bills. ​Its as simple as that.

With updated changes to the law and technology, we are able to offer this service to your business.

Accept all major credit cards for FREE!

Currently more than 99% of businesses accepting credit cards are on traditional programs. These businesses pay a variety of different monthly and annual fees, as well as a percentage of all sales for the privilege of accepting Credit Cards as a form of payment.

When you add up the fees and percentages that Business Owners' are forced to pay it comes out to anywhere from 2.5% – 6%+ of their Gross Credit Card Sales.

Listed below is some of our popular brands:

Clover POS



Virtual Terminal



Mobile Processing


-Keep 100% of your profits-

-No Processing Fees-

-No Monthly Payments-

-No Statement Fee-

-No Interchange Fee-

-No Batch Out Fee-

-No Key In Fee-

-No Authorization Fee-

-No Terminal Fee​-

-No Monthy Statement Fee-

-No Return Transaction Fee-

-No Minimum Fee-

-No Monthly Payments-